Impressions of Brunswick



Gartenfest bei Klittich-Pfankuch

Once more the auction house Klittich-Pfankuch had invited to an auction of chess literature, in addition the day before (22 June) a little garden party had been arranged - as usual accompanied by an obliging catering by Adelheid and Roger Klittich. We take the opportunity to express our thanks to the Klittich-Pfankuch family for the hospitality they showed once again as well as for the excellent quality of the auction, certainly those KWA members present "rewarded" that by corresponding bidding battles.
[Sitting at the table, from left: bernd ellinghoven, new member Pierre van Craenenbroeck-Moris (from Schilde) and Jurgen Stigter.]

Teilnehmer am Gartenfest
International group at the garden party (slightly spoiled by rain): Pierre van Craenenbroeck-Moris, Jurgen Stigter, Per Skjoldager and Guy van Habberney.

Pierre van Craenenbroeck-Moris talking with Jurgen Stigter, the Belgian's admittance to the KWA was nearly combined with a cold shower; on the left Adelheid Klittich-Pfankuch.

Claes Løfgren, Bern Schneider and bernd ellinghoven.

The evening in the Italian restaurant Al Duomo together with our Belgian and Danish friends was also very successful.
Dinner im Al Duomo

Calle &
Calle Erlandsson will not take up with fairy chess, will he?!

Together at the round table: Jurgen Stigter, Norbert Fieberg, Hans-Jürgen Fresen and (a "regular visitor" as well) Matthias Limberg.
Dinner im Al Duomo

'be' verteilt 'Schachgeschichte'
bernd ellinghoven showed us the manuscripts of "Studies on chess history", i.e. part I of the "new Murray": being a compilation of essays it resembles only little its predecessor.

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