Regional member meeting
in Brunswick



From 7 pm the members of the Ken Whyld Association could prove that they do not only know much about chess literature but that they are also good chess players.

Just before the start

Instructions just before the start –
a clock simul requires "discipline"!

The well-known International Master Bernd Schneider from Solingen (current FIDE-ELO 2427) was willing to play a clock simul on 12 boards (90/90) – surely a quite demanding challenge. As Bernd told me later on the playing strength of the participants was nearly a bit too high, but in spite of some difficult positions the master succeeded in achieving a notable 9,5 – 2,5.

Wolfgang Pähtz

Neither the "good spirit" in the background
nor the massive front of chess books sidewards could "save" Wolfgang Pähtz.

Henri Serruys

Henri Serruys too was fighting
a losing battle against the IM.

Glorious winners were Jurgen Stigter and Claes Løfgren, Calle Erlandsson achieved a lucky draw from his point of view (here his game!). Maybe the most beautiful game was played by Peter Holmgren, it’s a real pity that in the end he lost the thread (and the game).

Jurgen Stigter

Jurgen's game!
Peter Holmgren

Peter's game!

A tough resistance was also offered by our Dresden member Frank Schubert while Wolfgang Pähtz, Jes Knudsen, Henri Serruys and Guy van Habberney could move more or less fast "to the beer (garden)".

The last game – it’s a pity that Frank Schubert’s heroic fight was not rewarded.
Frank Schubert

Christoph Schneider and the Danish chess friend Blohme joined in too as well as Mr. Graf from (the chess club) SV Salzgitter whose chairman (at the same time our member) Matias Jolowicz lent us the chess sets. At first numerous "visiting supporters" lined the event, later on they preferred gathering around the beer barrel.

Further 8 photos of the simul in our small gallery!

Once more many thanks to all persons involved but particularly to Mrs. Klittich for the marvellous time in Brunswick.
We are looking forward now to seeing you again in Amsterdam.

Looking at the Janowski book

Curious looks at the new Janowski book, right on the outside Bernd Segebarth
who didn’t arrive before Saturday morning.

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