Lasker weekend in Bonn



Boris Spasski

Boris Spassky, world champion 1969-1972,
will celebrate his 70th birthday at the end of January, 2007

Boris Spassky in the following simul, at the board (in the centre) Hans-Walter Schmitt from the Chess Classics Mainz who held to a draw.
Spasski beim Simultan

Stefan Böhm wird begrüßt
Stefan Böhm from Bayer Leverkusen is being greeted here, he was able to share points as well.

Altogether Spassky won 8 games and (generously) drew 17. According to himself he had serious problems in two games.
Boris Spasski

Simultan mit Boris
Our KWA members Hans Engberts (1/2), Andreas Saremba (0 due to his departure) and Detlef Krämer (1/2) were active in the simul. 

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