Lasker weekend in Bonn


Susanna Poldauf & Dr. Helene Thiesen
Susanna Poldauf being in conversation with Dr. Helene Thiesen who did the guided tour of the exhibition.

Later on P.W. Wagner opened the (short) Lasker meeting with Michael Negele presenting the biography project. Here the Powerpoint slides in pdf format:
Part 1 (2.4 MB)

Part 2 (1.8 MB)
Part 3 (1.2 MB)


In the late Sunday morning the event was resumed by a panel talk between Paul Werner Wagner (presenter) and the two famous grandmasters Lothar Schmid and Helmut Pfleger: the topic set in advance was "Dramatic and politically highly explosive duels over the world championship in chess from the point of view of an arbiter and of a psychologist".
The following members of our association had come to Bonn: (apart from Michael Negele and Ralf Binnewirtz) Lothar Schmid, Bernd Ellinghoven, Detlef Krämer, Jurgen Stigter, Susanna van Kempen, Bernd Schneider, Bodo Pawlik, Lothar Heider and Andreas Saremba; Hans Engberts came to take part in the simul.

Dr. Hans Walter Hütter
In the Sunday afternoon the official welcoming by Dr. Hans Walter Hütter, representative of the president of the "Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik".

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weyer, president of the chess federation NRW, greets the large audience too.

Dr. Weyer vom Schachbund NRW

Boris Spasski & Dirk Poldauf
A highlight of the weekend: the conversation with Boris Spassky about the subject "Chess in the Cold War".
On the right the interpreter IM Dirk Poldauf.

Paul Werner Wagner, the presenter of the day together with a light-hearted Boris Spassky.
P.W. Wagner & Spasski

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