Lasker weekend in Bonn


This time the Lasker meeting of January 20-21, 2007 in Bonn was a public event prepared by the Emanuel Lasker Society in cooperation with the "Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" in connection with the exhibition "Zug um Zug - Schach - Gesellschaft - Politik" [Move after Move – Chess – Society – Politics].

Paul Werner Wagner
The welcoming and the introduction were made by Paul Werner Wagner – chairman of the Emanuel Lasker Society. On the right Boris Spassky together with Helmut Pfleger.

Boris Spassky visiting the exhibition "Zug um Zug".
Soon he will be made out and surrounded by Russian fans ...
Boris Spasski

P. W. Wagner mit Lothar Schmid
Lothar Schmid was present as well, here in the company of Paul Werner Wagner in front of the entrance to the exhibition.

During the coffee break Jurgen Stigter was busy distributing Yuletide No.3, thus advertising the KWA – you will see there Karlheinz Podzielny sen., Jose Maria Gutierrez Dopino of CAPEA (a Spanish-German correspondence chess club) and Ralf Niederhäuser.
Jurgen Stigter verteilt Yuletide

At another table Dr. Hans Ellinger (Tübingen) and Christoph Schneider (Karlsruhe) as well as (hidden) Thomas Meyer (Tübingen) and Georg Schweiger (Ebersberg-Grafing).

Andreas and Marie-Theres Saremba together with Susanne van Kempen.

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