Second Board Meeting 2005
in Amsterdam



Board Meeting in the MEC

René van der Heijden, Eveline Dirksen, Jurgen Stigter,
Michael Negele and Bert Corneth

On August 6th the second board meeting of the Ken Whyld Association was held in the Max Euwe-Centrum at Amsterdam, participants were Jurgen Stigter, Hans Engberts and Michael Negele as well as Bert Corneth as cash auditor, additionally René van der Heijden, Peter de Jong and Bernd Schneider as interested guests. Priority was given to the preparations for the general meeting in September (details in the Member’s Area) – we would like to express already our thanks to Eveline Dirksen for the warm reception in the MEC. The premises ideally serve our purpose, surely all participants will be enthusiastic about their visit.
Of course it was also nice to distribute the new Zukertort book, a first copy was given to the library of the Max Euwe-Centrum.

Hans Engberts & Jurgen Stigter

Hans Engberts and Jurgen Stigter

Peter de Jong & René v. d. Heijden

Peter de Jong and René van der Heijden

A further subject was the book project on the history of Dutch chess before 1900 by Peter de Jong who reported in detail about the present state – our thanks go to Peter for supplying a provisional table of contents (pdf-file).

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