Board Meeting of the
Ken Whyld Association

This year’s 2nd Board Meeting of the Ken Whyld Association took place at Brunswick on the evening of June 18th, 2004.

P. Holmgren, R. Littorin, G. Büsing

Peter Holmgren, Rolf Littorin and Günter Büsing
Fortunately apart from the board members Jurgen Stigter, Peter Holmgren, Hans Engberts and Michael Negele as well as webmaster Ralf Binnewirtz the members Rolf Littorin, Wolfgang Remin and Günter Büsing attended this (important) session, too.

Hans Engberts

Hans Engberts
As the hall in the auction house Klittich-Pfankuch on Theaterwall was already occupied by the 44th auction on Friday afternoon the meeting took place in the fine club room of the restaurant Al Duomo in the hotel Deutsches Haus. Unfortunately our board member Roger Klittich was prevented from coming – we regret that very much as again the board could not meet completely.

Walter Remin

Wolfgang Remin

Main topics of the Board Meeting:

Status of the action points from the minutes of the board meeting at Amsterdam
Finances: interim report by the treasurer on the membership payments / expenses budget planning / further expenses in 2004
Member fee in 2005
Intensification of the board work
Database project – status and further action
Status of additional projects (Zukertort, Colman)
General Meeting 2004 at Forchheim
Plans for 2005 – new projects

R. Littorin, G. Büsing, J. Stigter

Rolf Littorin, Günter Büsing and Jurgen Stigter

You will find more detailed information in the minutes to be published soon in the member’s area.

Late-night dinner

Zwischenmahlzeit im Restaurant
A German-Dutch company: Hans Engberts, Ralf Binnewirtz, Wolfgang Remin, Jurgen Stigter and Günter Büsing

Our Swedish friends
(Rolf Littorin and Peter Holmgren)
in company of the ladies
Unsere schwedischen Freunde

M. Negele, H. Engberts, R. Binnewirtz
Michael Negele, Hans Engberts
and Ralf Binnewirtz awaiting a
tasty meal

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