KWA Board Meeting
in Amsterdam
January 17-18, 2004

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Michael Negele, Vlastimil Fiala, Andreas Saremba,
Jurgen Stigter (only partly visible)

Publications / Reprints

There is a lasting interest on the part of Vlastimil Fiala to cooperate with the KWA. But there should be put more attention in future to the quality of the reprints (for example avoidance of simple typing errors directly on the title page). The sometimes far too long delivery times were already addressed above.
The present state of the other KWA publications (CR supplement issue; Yuletide series No. 0; Zukertort biography) is recorded in the minutes and also on our pages Publications p. 2-4. The manuscript of a Colman biography (in preparation by our member Olimpiu Urcan) probably needs a thorough revision by a native speaker – who is interested in such a lectorate?

Organization of the KWA Forum / Website activities

In order to put some life into our Forum RB will send an e-mail to the members including a short instruction for using this software.

Further updates of the website for the next months were discussed between MN and RB on their way back home (IGK symposium Berlin 2003; publications of our members; tribute to Ricardo Calvo; monthly birthdays).
Any further contributions by our members would be very welcome!

Vlastimil Fiala und Andreas Saremba


Our supporting programme intended on Saturday afternoon a visit of the Corus Tournament in Wijk aan Zee (about 25 kms away). An account of this visit was provided by Michael Negele together with an appendix Bibliographical Remarks about the literature and the history of this famous tournament: please surf through the following pages!

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