KWA Board Meeting
in Amsterdam
January 17-18, 2004


Next general meeting

Two alternatives were on the agenda:
Musée Suisse du Jeu (La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland) will be the best choice if the transfer of the Ken Whyld Library is finished till September 2004 (to be clarified by JS). Otherwise a meeting at Forchheim (South Germany) according to a proposal of our member Udo Güldner will be favoured.

Next board meeting

will take place on June 18, 2004 in Brunswick on the eve of the next Klittich book auction.

Ralf Binnewirtz, Henk van Riemsdijk und Hans Engberts

Database Project

Andreas Saremba presented a hierarchical database model (“Functional requirements for bibliographical records”) which met the general approval of the participants. For a more detailed treatment of this complex subject we refer to the short paper by AS (still to be expected).

A meeting of our database experts is intended to take place on April 17 in Germany (maybe in Wuppertal). The expert group has to deal with:
- definition of the necessary software and hardware;
- specification of the database;
- definition of user requirements;
- front-end design for data search and input
- a project plan / timetable (AS)

[Comment by RB: I believe that I can hope (namely for conclusions/solutions in this project).]

A later data administration by our members will probably not be possible offline for technical reasons. Therefore the future members will have to possess the technical equipment in order to input the data online.

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