KWA Board Meeting
in Amsterdam
January 17-18, 2004

Our deputy chairman Peter Holmgren was not able to attend the meeting but he has sent us a photo of himself together with Andy Ansel, whom he had visited shortly before in California. Although it was a more private meeting, we wouldn’t like to withhold this nice photo from our members:

Peter’s own words:
“Please apologize the object to the right disturbing the view of Andy's wonderful collection!”

On their way to Utrecht/Amsterdam on Jan. 16, Michael Negele and Ralf Binnewirtz visited Jürgen Daniel (Chessgate) at his shop in Nettetal. Many thanks at this point to Jürgen Daniel for giving us a warm welcome and for his additional offers of assistance to the KWA.

We will remind here only of the main points of our discussion:
Jürgen Daniel offered his support for arranging payments of KWA members from non-EU countries per credit card (i.e. paying from credit card to credit card).
Some professional database experts cooperating with Jürgen Daniel have frequently proved to be a valuable help; possibly they would also be so for the KWA.
Moreover Jürgen Daniel would be able to offer chess books from overseas (especially McFarland Publishing House) at reasonable prices and reduced delivery times.
There are also rather frequently complaints about the long delivery times of Publishing House Moravian Chess. A cooperation between Vlastimil Fiala and Jürgen Daniel would surely better things.

Ralf Binnewirtz and Jürgen Daniel

The Saturday meeting was attended by:
Jurgen Stigter (JS), Michael Negele (MN), Ralf Binnewirtz (RB), Andreas Saremba (AS), Hans Engberts (HE) arrived at 10:45 am
Henk van Riemsdijk (of Scutula - for the database project) arrived at 11:30 am
Vlastimil Fiala (VF) arrived after 1:15 pm.
The Sunday meeting was attended by:
Jurgen Stigter (JS), Michael Negele (MN), Ralf Binnewirtz (RB), Andreas Saremba (AS)

Michael Negele has written an extensive report on this meeting, so I will concentrate here on the main topics (most important action points, decisions) and otherwise leave it at a short summary; where appropriate I also refer to MN’s minutes (in the following only called “minutes” – to be found in our Member's Area ).

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