Persons celebrating an Anniversary
in December 2007



At the end of the year we are pleased to congratulate a very committed chess friend on his anniversary: Rudolf Glenk looked back on seven decades on December 12th. He is not only the (3rd) deputy chairman of his club SC Forchheim but he has also organized – together with his club comrade Udo Güldner – some big events ever since the KWA has existed, such as the KWA general meeting 2004, the XII International German Problem Solving Championship 2005 (simultaneously 29th German Championship) and the Schwalbe conference 2007 which will certainly be reported about in the next Schwalbe issue. About the last-named events he has published programmes (2005, with Udo Güldner) as well as a commemorative publication (2007), each time combined with an attractive solving competition. Some further publications from his pen have mainly delighted the problem friends among us: Turmtore oder der "Bone-Vorwurf" / Kachelofenprobleme (also included in the club chronicle from 2002), the bibliographical registration Die Vereinsbibliothek des SC Forchheim (2004) as well as small anthologies on the problem creations of Hans Michael Erdenbrecher (2005 and 2nd ed. 2007) and of Herbert Engel (2007) – you will still find the items published this year in our current announcements New Literature.

We have already met several times Dale A. Brandreth who turned 76 on December 17th. This year again a high-quality chess book was published by Caissa Editions, for the first time the classical tournament book on Karlsbad 1907 by Marco and Schlechter was translated into English and simultaneously improved by refined analyses from Rybka.

Philip Wong lives near Chicago (Illinois) and has been a KWA member since 2004, but only now makes his debut in our column: He celebrated his 56th birthday on December 18th. He is principally known to us as a collector and certainly you will remember that he also attended this year’s general meeting at New York City – if not, you may look up again in our photo report on this event.

Between the holidays – more precisely on December 28th – the time had come again for Kurt Landsberger, it was 87 years ago that his birthday occurred. And it was only at the beginning of October that we had the pleasure to welcome "our untiring Kurt" in Düsseldorf – we refer here once more to the corresponding short report. In much more detail however Peggy O’Crowley has attended to our American friend, namely by the following blog contribution featuring a biographical profile very worth reading (including 2 nice photos): Moreover we wouldn't like to let it unmentioned that the Landsberger Foundation (whose president Kurt is) has donated this year two chess tables to Verona Park. Kurt Landsberger hopes the tables will spark the interest of children and adults in the ancient game.

Chess table in Verona Park

Kurt Landsberger and friend inaugurating
the chess tables in Verona Park


Close-up of the plaque identifying the donor
The above picture has also been
published by the local press
(Verona-Cedar Grove Times):

Verona News
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PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!

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