Persons celebrating an Anniversary
in December 2004
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Season's Greetings

Season's greetings to all our members!

Dear members!

Our monthly birthday column has survived one year and we have to ask the question how to proceed with it. Most of our members have been introduced once now – according to my state of knowledge in more or less detail – and in order not to repeat myself to a large extent from now on we (M.N. & R.B.) decided the following procedure to become immediately effective:

First all new members will be considered once as well as previous members who will let us know their birthday belatedly (a short mail to our secretary via our contact form will do, or directly to me – you will find my e-mail address for instance in the imprint).
Generally all jubilees ending on "5" or "0" will be included, so each birthday we know about will recur at least all 5 years. Our seniors will get a small birthday bonus – we will pay (a possibly short) tribute to all birthdays from "70" upwards.

As is generally known you can look up the previous birthday greetings at any time in our Archives.

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