Meeting in Berlin and visit to Kórnik
- a short report in advance


Jewish Cemetery

On the afternoon of October 20th a group of ELG and KWA members met to visit the graves of Jean Dufresne, Berthold Lasker and Paul Lasker - son of Else Lasker-Schüler - in the Jewish Cemetery Berlin-Weißensee.

At the grave of Jean Dufresne: Andreas Saremba and Ralph Schiffmann, initiator and sponsor of the new commemorative plaque, before its uncovering.

The plaque has been attached to the back of the tombstone.
A. Saremba & R. Schiffmann

Group at the grave
The group of participants at Dufresne's grave
(it is compulsory to wear a headgear in the cemetery).

Lasker evening on Leuschnerdamm 31:

Toni Preziuso and Tony Gillam as "Guests of the Evening" were questioned by Michael Negele and Andreas Saremba about their chess research and the current Lasker book project.
Lasker evening - Interview

The audience with Jurgen Stigter in a central position.

Calle Erlandsson (middle) is a new member of the Lasker Society - here an exchange of ideas with Tony and Toni.
T. Gillam, C. Erlandsson, T. Preziuso

Group photo in front of the castle

8 visitors (of 10) in front of the Castle of Kórnik
from left: Toni Preziuso, Andreas Saremba, Tony Gillam,
Ralf Binnewirtz, bernd ellinghoven, Jurgen Stigter,
Calle Erlandsson and Lena Jönsson
(Marie-Theres Saremba and photogragher Michael Negele are missing)


Further group photo

In the mild autumn sun of Sunday morning:
Toni Preziuso, Tomasz Lissowski, bernd ellinghoven,
Jurgen Stigter, Ralf Binnewirtz, Tony Gillam,
Andreas and Marie-Theres Saremba

Bronze statue of Tytus Dzialynski
Tytus Działynski (1796-1861) - donator and collector "in bronze".

The statue is located in the castle forecourt.

From the arboretum a view of the Kórnik "symbol".

The (here invisible) moat also contributes to the well-fortified and at the same time very picturesque impression.
Arboretum / Castle of Kórnik

You will find a detailed photo report at the member site of Michael Negele
(> 6th expedition).

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