The Guestbook of the Chess Club
Braunschweig Gliesmarode von 1869

With the guest book of the SC Braunschweig Gliesmarode a unique document is now available in digital form.

Guestbook of the BSC 1869.

The guestbook is of extraordinary value as it contains besides an autograph sheet of the Anderssen celebration 1877 additional 35 autographs of prominent chess greats, collected on single cards in the year 1881, among others von der Lasa, van der Linde, Steinitz, Zukertort, Mason etc. which are partly quite artistic dedications. The spidery signature alone of the hands and feet crippled "millionaire" Arnold Schottländer from Wrocław is hardly to estimate in its value.

Anderssen Celebration 1877 (overview)

Afterwards the guestbook was used to document later events or visits, so there are signatures of Emanuel Lasker, Efim Bogoljubow, Capablanca (strangely provided by another club in 1963), Alekhine, Albert Becker etc.
Moreover the participants of Hamburg 1960, Leipzig 1960, Palma de Mallorca 1970, Dortmund 1973 and Bad Lauterberg 1977 are eternalized.

All world champions between 1886 and 1975 are there as well, even Max Euwe and Robert J. Fischer several times. Also Robert Hübner and the complete German chess elite after WW II including Fritz Sämisch and Ludwig Rellstab is not missing. Altogether more than 100 greats (from medium-sized to giants) of the chess world from 1877 to 1984.

Michael Negele, in July 2011

Guestbook (front cover)

Anderssen Celebration 1877 Overview
Anderssen Celebration Leipzig 1877 (I)
Anderssen Celebration Leipzig 1877 (II)

Entries /Autographs from the year 1881:

Martin Bier
Martin Bier Translation
Jean Dufresne
Jean Dufresne Translation
Berthold Englisch
Ernst Falkbeer
Ernst Flechsig
August Franke
August Franke Translation
Samuel Gold
Rudolf von Gottschall
Eduard Hammacher
Leopold Hoffer
Victor Knorre
Karl Kockelkorn
Johannes Kohtz
Max Lange
Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa
Karl Leffmann
Hermann Lehner
Antonius van der Linde
Richard Mangelsdorf
James Mason
Johannes Metger
Heinrich F.L. Meyer
Heinrich F.L. Meyer Addition
Johannes Minckwitz
Emilio Orsini
Louis Paulsen
Wilfried Paulsen
Carl Pitschel
Fritz Riemann
Fritz Riemann Translation
Arnold Schottländer
Adolf Schwarz
Constantin Schwede
Wilhelm Steinitz
Carl Wemmers
Johannes Hermann Zukertort
Hermann Zwanzig

Autographs after 1881:

Alexander Alekhine Picture signed, undated
Addison and Suttles Palma de Mallorca 1970
Bad Lauterberg 1977 Int. German Championship
Bad Lauterberg 1977 Addition
Albert Becker, 1934
Albert Becker, 1934 Addition
Efim Bogoljubow, 1926
Efim Bogoljubow Picture signed, undated
BSC - Bamberg 1974 Bundesliga
BSC - Budapest 1984 Comparative match
José R. Capablanca (SC Wittenau, 1963)
Dortmund 1973 Int. German Championship
Dortmund 1973 Addition
Salo Flohr and Abramow (unidentified) 1959
Hamburg 1960, UdSSR - BRD
Hamburg 1960, UdSSR - BRD Sämisch and Euwe (guests)
Georg Kieninger, 1958
Emanuel Lasker, 1912
Leipzig 1960 Chess Olympiad
Leipzig 1960 Chess Olympiad, Yugoslavia
Ludek Pachman
Palma de Mallorca 1970
Palma de Mallorca 1970 Addition
Ludwig Rellstab, 1956

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