Early end of the summertime –
prospects for a "hot" autumn


Arkady Naiditsch
Arkady Naiditsch had to compete here with the future co-winner Peter Svidler. With a 50 per cent result our German representative reached 6th place, in this game the points were shared too.

Peter Svidler adjusting his pieces first.
Peter Svidler

Baadur Jobava
Baadur Jobava expecting his opponent. He doesn’t know that a marathon battle is in store for him ...

Start of a game in which the "fighter" Boris Gelfand could secure victory after 113 (!) moves.
Boris Gelfand - B. Jobava

Levon Aronian
"Whizz kid" Levon Aronian played disappointingly in Dortmund – he finished last but one with three defeats and no win.

The tournament went nearly tragically for Peter Leko – leading for a long time he once again missed the tournament win by suffering a defeat against Kramnik in the last round.
Peter Leko

Vladimir Kramnik - Michael Adams
Vladimir Kramnik could confirm his rising form by winning the tournament, against Michael Adams "only" a draw was possible.

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