Audit of the KWA Financial Report for 2008


On April 30, Bert Corneth and Rik Serruys, the two appointed KWA auditors, visited KWA treasurer Guy Van Habberney in his chess library to scrutinize the KWA Financial report for 2008 (see photo below).

from left : Bert Corneth, Guy Van Habberney
and Henry Serruys

After careful examination of the documents presented, there was of course some time left to look at our treasurer’s chess library:

Regina and Bert Corneth
In the afternoon, Bert and his wife Regina, Rik and Guy scouted some locations for the planned 2010 regional meeting in Antwerp: the Plantijn-Moretus museum with the oldest existing printing press in the world and its extensive library, as well as the Elzenveld Center where we plan to hold our meetings next year.

After a brief stop at Guy’s bookbinder the audit was rounded off with a nice dinner with the spouses at the local restaurant.

Guy Van Habberney, May 2nd, 2009


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