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October 15, 2006
Yakov Zusmanovich's joys of fatherhood

June 26, 2007
Egbert Meissenburg 70 years!

September 1, 2008
Per Skjoldager 50! - A short report by Calle Erlandsson.

November 6, 2008
Robert Hübner 60!

June 5, 2009
Kurt Landsberger as a happy great-grandfather

February 12, 2012
Yuri L. Averbakh turned 90!

February 19, 2012
Our Doyens

Margus Sööt first junior member of the KWA

 PERSONALIA - In memoriam

Nathan Divinsky
Jay Whitehead

Jeremy Gaige
GM Larry Evans †
Karel Falleyn
Wolfgang Unzicker

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 Events and Meetings

First meeting of the Amsterdam Group in November 2002.

Dr. J. Stigter gives a lecture on our project at the International Colloquium "Board Game Studies VI" (Marburg, April 6–10, 2003): abridged version of the Marburg Presentation pdf-file

Foundation event in Brunswick and Wolfenbüttel, November 21, 2003:
1st stage: Visit to the Bibliotheca Augusta
2nd stage: Foundation Meeting
Supplement: Historical Articles on regional chess events 

Board Meeting in Amsterdam, January 17-18, 2004
(4 pages)
Supporting programme: Corus Tournament in Wijk aan Zee
(2 pages)
Appendix: Bibliographical Remarks (2 pages)

Reincarnation of a Marvel: The Turk at Paderborn -
visiting an event on March 25th, 2004

Board Meeting at Brunswick on June 18th, 2004

General Meeting at Forchheim
- Overview
- Evening welcome; Slideshow I
- Book market; Slideshow II
- Guided tour through the old town centre; Slideshow III
- General meeting; Slideshow IV
- Trip to Nuremberg

New Year's Potpourri

Lecture by J. Eidinow: Reading between Squares -
The Role of Chess in Literature (Düsseldorf, 2005-03-10).

In expectation of the General Meeting in Amsterdam:
From the club seat to the Max Euwe-Centrum in pictures

Full of zest into the New Year 2005
(Photo report by Michael Negele)
- Meeting in Wijk aan Zee / Corus Tournament / Board Meeting in Wuppertal

Outstanding Chess Exhibition in Hamburg
(Photo report by Michael Negele)

Regional member meeting in Brunswick
(Photo report by Michael Negele)

Second Board Meeting 2005 in Amsterdam
(Report by Michael Negele)

General Meeting at Amsterdam
Amsterdam is worth a visit ... (Report by Michael Negele)

Second regional KWA meeting at the Spanish town of Tarragona

On New Year: Pictures of an eventful autumn

Photo report by Michael Negele

Preview of the regional meeting in Frederiksværk

Board Meeting on March 25, 2006 in Amsterdam

Preview of the meetings in La Tour-de-Peilz and Turin

Annual general meeting of the Ken Whyld Association
in the Swiss Museum of Games and
impressions of the Chess Olympiad at Turin
(Photo report by Michael Negele; 6 pages)

Meeting in Berlin and visit to Kórnik -
a short
report in advance

Meeting in Brunswick and trip to Ströbeck, the Chess Village
Short preview of the visit to Ströbeck 
Photo report
(6 pages)

Early end of the summertime
prospects for a "hot" autumn (3 pages)

Third regional KWA meeting in the Spanish town of Valencia
(by Josep Alió)

Another autumn event -
book market and board meeting at the Max Euwe-Centrum

Photo report (2 pages)

Kurt Landsberger's visit to Lawrence Totaro - a short note 

Lasker weekend in Bonn (20/21 January 2007)
Short photo report (3 pages)

Kasparov in Cologne
- a short report by Michael Negele (1 page)

Chess book auction in Gothenburg
- a short report by Calle Erlandsson (1 page)

Group photos from the London meeting in June 2007

Impressions of Brunswick - 22/23 June 2007

Michael Negele's Short Trip to Holland - 21 July 2007

The Ken Whyld Association in New York City (14-16 September 2007)
Report on the Annual Meeting 2007 by Andy Ansel (4 pages)

Kurt Landsberger on a visit to the capital of our Land
(4 October 2007)

Spanish KWA Meeting 2007 at Sabadell

II International von der Lasa Conference in Kórnik 2007
- a photo report

Corus Chess 2008: Many a Handshake in Wijk aan Zee
- KWA Members Meet ...
A photo report on the visit of Wijk on 19/20 January 2008

Manhem book auction 2008 by Calle Erlandsson

First impressions of Venice (2/06/2008)

Photo report on our Venice meeting by Michael Negele
(Report 18/06/2008)

Board meeting in Brunswick
(Report 24/06/2008)

Spanish Meeting Tarragona 2008

First photos of our Meeting Dresden-Wrocław

KWA Anniversary Celebration at Brunswick 07/11/2008

The KWA met in Dresden General Meeting 08-09/11/2008

KWA Trip to Wroclaw Short Report on a Visit to the Metropolis on the Oder

About the Competition of Nations at Dresden
A Retrospective in Pictures

'Winter Games' in Wijk - Regional Dutch KWA Meeting with International Participation - Wijk aan Zee, 2009

Audit of the KWA Financial Report 2008

Spanish KWA Meeting at Sabadell (30/11/2009)

Lasker Evening at Wolfenbüttel (27/11/2009)

Meeting at Reykjavik (23/10/2009)

A first look at the meeting in San Francisco (16/10/2009)

Symposium at Valencia (01/10/2009)

Nordic Chess Activities (25/09/2009)

Highest Level with Modest Participation
Report by Michael Negele on the San Francisco Meeting 2009 (05/01/2010)

First impressions of Antwerp 2010

Laska Evening at Brunswick

Pictures from the Annual Meeting at Antwerp, 2010

First Snapshots from Vienna

Arco 2010 Senior World Championship

Promotion Events of the Yugoslavian Bibliography

Visiting an old chess metropolis
Regional meeting of the KWA at Vienna, 1-3 October, 2010

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 Historical Contributions and more


Our Prehistory: Ideas and aims of the KWA already previously described!

Juan Morgado's black Friday 

KWA members successful at the ChessCafe Holiday Quiz - see also the evaluation of 8 years provided by Calle Erlandsson. pdf-file 

An information by José Garzón for our Spanish speaking chess friends.
You will find more details at the Spanish site of ChessBase: Corto de ajedrez: ATAHUALPA versus PIZARRO

125 years "Vereinigte SG 1880 Offenbach"
- Leaflet (agenda / invitation)
- Outline of the history ... pdf-file(in German only)

On the occasion of the decease of Pope John Paul II we would like to point to the following online article by Tomasz Lissowski: No Chess in Vatican

Article on Holthaus by H.-J. Fresen now published.

Supplement to the article on Holthaus (in German) pdf-file (29 KB)

Home found for appr. 6,000 chess volumes in the possession of the English Chess Federation,
see Tim Harding's column The Kibitzer >> Postscript!

Auction House Klittich-Pfankuch - A Short Look Back

Dutch Trilogy

Press release on an important discovery in Italy
(information by Adolivio Capece).

KWA members successful at the ChessCafe Holiday Quiz.

Calle Erlandsson in Cuba

Valdespino, un poco más conocido
- an article by our member
José A. Garzon at the Spanish ChessBase Site.

An initiative of our member Siegfried Schönle on the occasion of Egbert Meissenburg's 70th birthday - here his circular (in German) and his article at the DSB site "Egbert Meissenburg zu Ehren".

Tim Harding's column "The Kibitzer":
The World's Greatest Chess Library

"Sigmund Freud and Chess" (pdf-file, 300 KB) or Psychoanalysis in Chess

A little chess mystery book: enquiry by Tim Harding

Interview with David Shenk on "The Immortal Game" at ChessCafe

Sarah Cohen: The Imagery of Chess – Surrealism and Chess

Spectacular success of our ChessCafe Holiday Quiz solvers

Help required for a planned book on Leipzig 1894 Congress.

Article on Kurt Landsberger from the American press (pdf-file).

Stefan Böhm (SC Bayer Leverkusen) at the grave of Bobby Fischer - a photo (jpg-file).

The Düsseldorf Palace of Art and Lasker - Tarrasch 1908

Video Spotlight at John Donaldson on Dresden

The Rueb Chess Collection ...

Announcement of the Lasker Monograph

New Findings on Daniel Harrwitz (updated 06/11/2009)

Chess Talk J. Watson - Y. Zusmanovich

Cießow's Reminiscence of F. Dueball

Hommage to Alfred Hrdlicka

Olimpiu G. Urcan's Interview with Lissa Waite at

Susanna Poldauf: Spaziergänge mit Einstein at

Pictures from the Fiske Library at Reykjavik

Italian Episodes by Luca D'Ambrosio

Puzzling questions by Luca D'Ambrosio

John Watson's Chess Talk with Michael Negele at ICC

GM norm for Richard Forster in Lenzerheide:

Jon Crumiller at the chess board

Festschrift Alessandro Sanvito

Press release on Kurt Landsberger (PDF)

The Lewis Chessmen Were Never Anywhere Near Iceland! by Morten Lilleøren (at and an abridged version at ChessBase.
On the Origins of the Lewis Chessmen. A Reply to Morten Lilleøren’s Critique by Guðmundur G. Thórarinsson.
Lewis Chessmen Symposium at Skálholt, Iceland
The Lewis Chessmen on a Fantasy Iceland by Morten Lilleøren
Morten Lill[e]ören's misdemeanor by Einar S. Einarsson
The Lewis Chessmen - a final remark by Morten Lilleøren

CCI / Special Subjects:
The Lewis Chessmen

European Senior Chess Championship - fine place for Antonio Rosino (ChessBase report, in German only).

Guestbook of the SC Braunschweig Gliesmarode

Luca D'Ambrosio's presentation

Chess - Think Different (YouTube)

An April Fool

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 Announcements, Notifications, Correspondence

First circular by Jurgen Stigter
The original introductory letter by Jurgen Stigter and Michael Negele dated January 2003.

Second circular by Michael Negele.

Letter to the members by Jurgen Stigter.

Letter by Michael Negele to the Royal Library
The Hague (May 1st, 2004; in German).

Mail by Jurgen Stigter to the enlarged KWA Board (2004-05-06)
with attachment (Dutch/English translation by JS) regarding
the situation of the Royal Library The Hague.
(both pdf-file)

Reply of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek to Michael Negele (July 21, 2004).

KWA leaflet by Hans Engberts

Tim Harding is looking for old BCCA publications - help required! 

Prof. Pagni's new CC bibliography - some help required!

Kórnik Library now KWA member >> short notice

Final offers from Chess Mail ... by Tim Harding
(his today's mail)

Tim Harding's web page on "Chess club history booklets" -
any help is welcome!

Miriam Friedman Morris' request

Sought after: photos of Susan Polgar from the period 1973-1995!
- Enquiry

New KWA member Jimmy Adams

Greetings from La Tour-de-Peilz

On Ken Whyld's 81st birthday
- index to 25 years of Q&Q available!

Tony Gillam re-elected!

Wanted: portrait of von Mauvillon!

KARL International!

Enquiry by Yakov Zusmanovich - book project on Bohatirchuk

Our member Eric Ruch is new ICCF President, see ICCF web site!

A query by Larry List - a KWA challenge?!

New KWA member Steve Giddins at ChessBase

Steve Giddins' Announcement

José A. Garzón awarded by the city of Valencia:
Link list
(in Spanish only)

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