A First Impression of the
Meeting in Antwerp, April 2010

Below you will find our traditional group photo from this year's general meeting. Jan van Reek was only shortly present, he had to leave quite soon because of health reasons. Benoit Ide was only able to join the very nice introductional reception at his friend, Herwig Simons (antiquarian shop Last but not least Myron Samsin had to cancel his visit due to the closure of the European airports that weekend. Not in the picture is Eric Ruch as well as GM Luc Winants whom we are pleased to welcome as a new KWA member.


from left : Michael Negele, Tony Preziuso, Henri Serruys, Mrs. Serruys, Mrs. Spaans,
Rob Spaans, Pierre Van Craenenbroeck-Moris, bernd ellinghoven (a surprise),
Geurt Gijssen, Rieneke van Zutphen, Harrie Grondijs, Ward Stoffelen, Bert Corneth,
Belgian master Bernard De Bruycker (guest), Hans Secelle, Guy Van Habberney,
Mrs. Secelle, Andreas Saremba, Winnifred van de Velde, Jurgen Stigter, ARVES
treasurer Marcel van Herck, Bob van de Velde, Michael Clapham, Owen Hindle.

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Presentations and Lectures:
(all in our member section!)

Guy Van Habberney on Jean-Francois Mouret (0.3 MB)

Harrie Grondijs: London 1883 by Steinitz (7.5 MB)

Michael Negele: German chess magazines
   A structurized walkthrough (7.7 MB)

Eric Ruch: The Match Amsterdam - Anvers 1827-1829
   An element of the early history of Correspondence Chess (1.1 MB)

Henri Serruys: Bibliography of Belgian Chess Books
   Part 1 (1.4 MB) / Part 2 (3 MB) / Part 3 (2.6 MB)

Luc Winants: Ostend 1905-06-07
   A visit of the playing hall (9.7 MB)

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