Another autumn event -
book market and board meeting
at the Max Euwe-Centrum


I wonder if Harrie Grondijs and Jurgen Stigter are involved in problems of artistic chess?
Harrie Grondijs & Jurgen Stigter

-be- & Calle

bernd and Calle having a red wine
- cheers then!

Tony Gillam referiert
Start of the KWA board meeting attending mainly to the Lasker book project.

Tony Gillam (on the left) told about his research on Lasker’s stay in England, small gaps in Lasker’s life (1902!) still require further search and crosschecking different sources.

Peter de Jong (above on the right) reported on "Lasker from the Dutch point of view", he was able to present us amazing findings on Lasker’s life in the Netherlands.
It is to be expected from the present promising results that in 2008 a Lasker biography rewritten in large sections will come out!

Round-table talks on Lasker – (from the left) Bert Corneth, Michael Negele, Ralf Binnewirtz and Jurgen Stigter. The latter has to face the difficult subject "Lasker as a mathematician" while our webmaster (RB) will soon tackle "Lasker as a problemist".

Jurgen Stigter, Tony Gillam, Peter de Jong as well as Harrie Grondijs who has already worked on "Lasker’s endgame studies" (in "excessive length").

Eveline Dirksen (standing) once again took care of the catering – as a refreshment the participants were offered some cakes and drinks.

On this occasion again many thanks to our hostess!

After 4 pm a short board meeting with a reduced team was held at the association's seat (house of Jurgen Stigter), you will be informed about the essential results by Michael Negele's current circular.

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