Another autumn event -
book market and board meeting
at the Max Euwe-Centrum



In the middle of November (more precisely on 18/11/2006) a small group of collectors was again drawn to the Amsterdam Max Euwe-Centrum in order to combine the selling of duplicates and the purchase of new works at the book market there.

J. Stigter, D. Krämer & Ralf Binnewirtz
Jurgen Stigter and Ralf Binnewirtz with first inspections at the "joint table" of Detlef Krämer (in between them) and Michael Negele (not in the photo).

Pierre Voss (on the right) having a look at Dusan Vukovic’s range of books.
Pierre Voss bei Dusan Vukovic

There was also an extensive book table of the Max Euwe-Centrum itself, but Calle Erlandsson had discovered different hunting-grounds.

Detlef Krämer (on the right) from Cologne visited the MEC book market for the first time, on the left (looking directly into the camera) Calle Erlandsson.
Calle Erlandsson & Detlef Krämer

Bert Corneth
Our treasurer Bert Corneth joined in as well.

Versatile Swede meets Dutch study expert - Calle Erlandsson and Harrie Grondijs.
Calle Erlandsson & Harrie Grondijs

Peter de Jong & Joop Jansen
Dutchmen being by themselves – Peter de Jong is paying a visit to Joop Jansen.

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