General Meeting
at Amsterdam

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Alain Fayard

A mischievously smiling Alain Fayard
in front of the entrance to "the smallest room" in the MEC

A look into the future followed with regard to our new book projects and to the planned meetings. [A short synopsis of the "Bellucci project" – Bibliography of commemorative publications of German chess clubs – may be added here.] Peter Holmgren promised a regional meeting of the Scandinavian members at Copenhagen in April 2006.


A final look at our participants
(in the front row: Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Norbert Fieberg,
bernd ellinghoven, Alessandro Sanvito and Bert Corneth)

At the end there was a further drink served by the MEC and a farewell dinner for those who didn't intend to leave Amsterdam that evening.

Greeting cards to Jean Mennerat
Two greetings cards with the signatures of all participants
went to our senior member Dr. Jean Mennerat

Further snapshots of the general meeting are included in our final picture gallery.

I would like to express my personal thanks to all people who didn’t shy away from the long journey to Amsterdam (Jörg Abramowski arrived from Beijing/China) and who contributed with their good mood to the success of our meeting. Very helpful was Eveline Dirksen and her team consisting of Mrs Parvin Kazemi, Mrs Lot Zwolsman, Mrs Carolien Lesger – she produced our nice badges – and last but not least Freek Haverman, the "barman"; but also Ralf Binnewirtz who as usual had "electronically" prepared the lectures beforehand deserves a thank you.

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