General Meeting
at Amsterdam

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G. Sosonko, E. Dirksen, J. Abramowski, Y. Afek

Genna Sosonko, Eveline Dirksen and Yochanan Afek
are watching the scenery from the background; in front of them
Jörg Abramowski still being a little tired after his night trips.
Y. Afek, (OTB-)IM and well-known study composer has been in Holland for over ten years –
because of the MEC he chose Amsterdam as his place of residence!

The members then followed with great interest Andreas Saremba’s progress report on conceiving the database "Universal Bibliography of Chess" (UBoC). Certainly time was too short here for a detailed discussion, but we intend to focus on our work in the next months to get a "sandbox-system" running which is also accessible via the Internet.

Andreas Saremba made 14 screenshots available to us including short comments on some pictures (0.9 MB; pdf-file).
Andreas Saremba's presentation

Tamás Erdélyi
Tamás Erdélyi came from Hungary, he presented a few chess paintings; the "original Capablanca" (photo below) directly changed hands, it went to a Dutch collector well-known to all of us.


Capablanca painting

Tim Harding & Vlastimil Fiala

Tim Harding and Vlastimil Fiala are joined
by the interest in chess history and the tendency towards writing.

After the break Tim Harding gave the eagerly awaited lecture on his research about "The development of correspondence chess in the United Kingdom in the 19th century". Tim is well-known to many people for being an industrious chess author (see Tim's book list), but it was new to me that he is so seriously committed to historical research (including studies).

Tim Harding's plenary lecture Tim Harding giving the plenary lecture – we pass on his presentation (1.1 MB) and his handout in pdf format [with some additional CC games (jpg-file)].

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