General Meeting
at Amsterdam

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Group photo in front of the MEC

A great deal of the participants in the book market formed up
to a group photo in front of the Max Euwe-Centrum.

All the more satisfactory that at 2:30 p.m. – time for the general meeting – the Max Euwe-Centrum again reached the limits of its capacity. The old and new board tried to explain the formalities (change of the statutes) as quickly as possible, before the assembly had kept a moment’s silence in memory of our late friend Hubert Petermann.


First of all Michael Negele presented the participants with the agenda of this year’s meeting.

Our ex-treasurer Hans Engberts (in the front on the right) follows the events with interest ...
Next to him Pierre Voss, Remco Heite und Andreas Saremba.


... while the new treasurer Peter Holmgren is watching the circle of the members intently.
Peter Holmgren

Surely the talk of Hans-Jürgen Fresen on "Peter Heinrich Holthaus and his chess books" was a further highlight of our meeting, a really convincing description of very early German chess culture.

H.-J. Fresen's talk Hans-Jürgen Fresen in front of the audience - we give an abridged version of his speech and the corresponding presentation (0.7 MB) as pdf-files.

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