General Meeting
at Amsterdam

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Andreas Saremba

After that Andreas Saremba gave some information on the Lasker Society and advertised the nice booklet on Lasker's house [photo above], while Michael Negele told about the "find" of the third part of Jacob Halpern's "Chess Symposium". (About this Michael's short presentation as pdf-file as well as an additional series of pictures and a few scans.)

M. Negele, J. Stigter & T. Preziuso
Michael Negele, Jurgen Stigter and Toni Preziuso having a snack at break.

Champagne (allegedly Ken Whyld's favourite drink) was generously served afterwards, whereupon a nice evening was closed in an Indonesian restaurant.

There was a great crowd around Michael Negele at the MEC book market – on the left Tomasz Lissowski and René van der Heijden, on the right a guest, Mr Jongstra.
Michael Negele at the book market

The Saturday morning with glorious weather led many members and guests at 10 o'clock again into the Max Euwe-Centrum, the book market planned for the end of November had kindly been brought forward. There the chairman designate had his hands full, not only our book on Zukertort selled like hot cakes. All around only pleased looking people, the prices were fair and many interesting books changed hands.

Wim Lamme & Jörg Abramowski
Wim Lamme and Jörg Abramowski dispensing a splendid mood.

Rudolf Reinhardt and Hans-Jürgen Fresen are obviously taken with the book market too.
Rudolf Reinhardt & H.-J. Fresen

T. Preziuso, O. Hutter & T. Lissowski
Toni Preziuso as a happy owner of the Zukertort biography, next to him Otto Hutter and Tomasz Lissowski.

Alessandro Sanvito and Ralf Binnewirtz leaf through Italian chess papers.
A. Sanvito & R. Binnewirtz


You will find some additional photos in our book market gallery.

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