General Meeting
at Amsterdam

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A look at the curious audience –
in the background (from left) our friends from the Max Euwe-Centrum:
Mrs Parvin Kazemi, Mrs Lot Zwolsman as well as Thomas van Beckum and
naturally on the right (next to Genna Sosonko) Eveline Dirksen
who took tireless trouble over our wellbeing.
Being very well in the picture as sitting in the first row (from left):
Andreas Saremba, Dr. Ulrich Schädler, Richard Forster, Thomas Lemanczyk
and Toni Preziuso; behind more or less clearly visible: Henri Serruys,
Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Harrie Grondijs, Fred van der Vliet, Norbert Fieberg,
Rolf Reinhardt, Hans Engberts, Otto Hutter, Godehard Murkisch, Jörg Abramowski.

Dr. Ulrich Schädler from the Musée Suisse du Jeu at La Tour-de-Peilz gave us a special pleasure as his short lecture on the museum and the library of our friend Ken was not at all on our agenda. We have accepted his invitation for the next year’s general meeting at the Lake Geneva with a big applause.

Ulrich Schädler
Ulrich Schädler, director of the Swiss Museum of Games giving an attractive preview of the venue in 2006. Here his presentation as ppt-file (5.9 MB!).

He has informed us later about the exact date – May 18 to 20, 2006.

We take further information about the museum from the leaflet in four languages distributed in Amsterdam (please click on the preview pictures below) as well as from the website

Flyer preview 1
Flyer preview 2

Tomasz Lissowski & Godehard Murkisch

Also Tomasz Lissowski and Godehard Murkisch
find starting-points.

Those present then followed with great interest the results of the research of our friend Tomasz Lissowski who didn’t shy away from the long journey – together with his daughter - from Warsaw via Berlin to Amsterdam. (On September 14, 2005 in Berlin he presented - together with Cezary Domanski, Thomas Lemanczyk and Raj Tischbierek - our Zukertort biography to the Emanuel Lasker Society.) Tomasz told about Achilles Frydman and his illness – apparently he was a "streaker" among the chess masters.

Tomasz Lissowski has recorded the contents of his speech in a two-part presentation:
Encephalitis lethargica Part 1
Encephalitis lethargica Part 2

(pdf-files; 7.8 MB + 2 MB!)
Tomasz Lissowski

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