General Meeting
at Amsterdam

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Ken Whyld showcase

The Ken Whyld showcase in the Max Euwe-Centrum

From 6 p.m. the Max Euwe-Centrum filled up literally to the very last seat, among the visitors was also GM Genna Sosonko who showed much interest in the activities of our association. Jurgen Stigter inaugurated the Ken Whyld exhibition and gave some explanations on the contents of the showcase, all those who will not get a chance to visit the MEC till March 2006 will gain an insight by our small slide show. Afterwards Alessandro Sanvito was reminiscent of Ken Whyld, his friend for many years, finding very personal words.

Genna Sosonko & Andreas Saremba
Genna Sosonko and Andreas Saremba exchange stories (about Lasker?), on the left Bert Corneth, behind a thirsty Ralf Binnewirtz.

Jurgen Stigter's report
Jurgen Stigter distributed with his speech a three-part handout:

"Ken Whyld Remembered"
Exhibition in the Max Euwe Centre ... (jpg-file)

The KWA. An introduction.

Obituary from Board Game Studies 6, 2003:
Ken Whyld, 6 March 1926 - 11 July 2003


Prosper Verwilligen & Jurgen Stigter

Prosper Verwilligen and Jurgen Stigter
taste a rosé "in between times".

Alessandro Sanvito is reminiscent of Ken Whyld, here the wording of his speech (pdf-file).
Alessandro Sanvito

Couple Sanvito
Mr and Mrs Sanvito could celebrate their ruby wedding (40th wedding anniversary) this year – among other things with their visit to Amsterdam.

The KWA congratulates on this special anniversary and wishes all the best!

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