General Meeting
at Amsterdam

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Book of the Gospels

The most valuable rarity of the KB is to be admired in the showroom,
unfortunately it’s not a chess book but a book of the Gospels (worth Euro 7 millions).

It was a real pleasure for us to hand over a signed author’s copy of the "Grandmaster from Lublin" to the Royal Library after Tomasz Lissowski and Michael Negele had found before the right place for it in the stacks.

The author signing his work
The author is signing his work ...

... to present it afterwards to Henk Chervet.
Handing over the Zukertort biography

Zukertort in the archives!
The Zukertort biography has its place in the archives! (in the top middle)

We present several further photos of the Royal Library in our third picture gallery.

The following visit of the chess department of the bookshop van Stockum was surely just right – after all those "unattainable treasures" - to enlarge once again the own collection.

Bookshop van Stockum
Our two Belgian friends Guy van Habberney and Henri Serruys in front of the bookshop Van Stockum.


Hans-Jürgen Fresen on the way to happiness!
H.-J. Fresen on the right way!


Van Stockum's chess department

Van Stockum is supposed to have the largest chess department
of all European bookshops.
We can spot Rudolf Reinhardt, Harrie Grondijs, Peter Holmgren and
(turning his back on us) Godehard Murkisch rummaging.

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