General Meeting
at Amsterdam

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Compared with the barely two-day meeting in Forchheim which was felt by many as too short, the period of nearly 3 days in Amsterdam was quite generous. When the first afternoon and evening - including the very nice dinner at the Holland-Casino - were intended for the members to meet each other and were mainly characterized by conversations, the visit of the Royal Library in The Hague may rightly be called a highlight of our short club history.

At the central station

We went by train from Amsterdam to The Hague. From our KWA circle Mrs Sanvito,
Jörg Abramowski, Ralf Binnewirtz, Tomasz Lissowski, Frau Fayard, Michael Negele,
Alessandro Sanvito and Alain Fayard are to be seen.

The guided tour was exceptionally intensive and competent, especially the presentation of Alexander Rueb’s scrapbooks was a fantastic experience for all of us.

G. Breyer
The rediscovered scrapbooks of the first FIDE president touch each collector’s heart: here you will find innumerable historical photos, drawings, documents, autographs, newspaper cuttings and other unique specimen.

Our picture gallery No 2 can reflect only a small fraction of this material.

Our thanks go to Jan-Maarten de Booij who gave an introduction and who - together with Mischa Andriessen – cared for the general guided tour, and naturally to Henk Chervet and Ron van der Schee who showed us the Niemeijer/van der Linde Collection.

Jan-Maarten de Booij (on the left) giving his introduction. On the right Alain Fayard, Harrie Grondijs und Jörg Abramowski.
Introduction by J.-M. de Booij

Ron van der Schee's guided tour
Ron van der Schee (in front on the right) has taken over one half of the KWA group. You can see (from left) Guy van Habberney, Alessandro Sanvito, Andreas Saremba (slightly covered), Rudolf Reinhardt, Dr. Monté (Dutch chess historian, a guest), Bert Corneth, Jörg Abramowski, Alain Fayard, Peter Holmgren and Henri Serruys as well as an additional KB employee.

Vlastimil Fiala joined us in The Hague too, Tomasz Lissowski is looking with interest over his shoulder.
Vlastimil Fiala & Tomasz Lissowski


Henk Chervet's guided tour

Henk Chervet (on the right) - his responsibility was the chess specific guided tour -
having a talk with Peter Holmgren, Bert Corneth and Andreas Saremba.

Tomasz Lissowski

Not only Tomasz Lissowski was attracted to the book shelves in the reading rooms as if by magic.

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