General Meeting
at Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is worth a visit ...

The annual meeting of the Ken Whyld Association in the Max Euwe-Centrum was a great success.

Our second general meeting since our foundation in Brunswick took place in the Amsterdam Max Euwe-Centrum ("MEC") from September 15th to 17th, 2005. The venue turned out to be ideal, particularly the hospitality and the professional preparations of Eveline Dirksen and her team were nearly unsurpassable.

Many thanks go to Jurgen Stigter who not only strived together with Prosper Verwilligen to set up our Ken Whyld showcase but also offered again many chess friends a place to stay in his house or in his "shop".

Jurgen's house
On the right:
Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Otto Hutter and Norbert Fieberg in front of the "Hotel Stigter".

C. Erlandsson, R. Forster, Fred v.d. Vliet
At the day of arrival the hall in the Max Euwe-Centrum filled only gradually.

The picture shows Richard Forster flanked by Calle Erlandsson and Fred van der Vliet.

Prosper Verwilligen has rendered outstanding services to the design of the Ken Whyld showcase.
Prosper Verwilligen

Fred van der Vliet & Harrie Grondijs

Fred van der Vliet with the only existing copy of his monumental biobibliography –
study specialist Harrie Grondijs (on the right) was certainly considered in this work.

Problem expert Godehard Murkisch was not only in high spirits, he had also brought along his partner Irmtraut Hartwig.
In the background the lady from the MEC board can be made out who took much trouble over our wellbeing, Mrs Lot Zwolsman.
Godehard Murkisch and his partner


Jurgen Stigter's welcoming speech
Before the dinner in the Holland-Casino – Jurgen Stigter welcomed the participants with a short speech.
Next to him the treasurer designate Peter Holmgren was (still) beaming all over his face.

You will find further photos of the "prelude" on Thursday afternoon and of the evening meal in our first picture gallery.


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